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What is Beers & Burritos?

Beers & Burritos is a place for lovers of both beer and the delicious wraps known as burritos to come together, share reviews, learn about new beers or burrito recipes, and enter free contests to win great beer- and burrito-related products. Everyone knows nothing goes together better than beer and mexican food, so this site was created to let you share your love for both things at once, with a global community of like-minded individuals.

It all starts by reviewing beers or burritos. If you are feeling confident in your new burrito recipe, share it here too! You'll earn either BeerBucks or BurritoBucks with each post, which you can spend on entries into great contests - win cookbooks, hot sauce, beer kits, tortilla makers, and more! You can even spend your 'Bucks on creating new contests for the prize you want.

Whether it's a review, recipe, contest or picture, don't keep it to yourself. Every page has a "Share on Facebook" and "Share on twitter" button, be sure to tell all your friends about what you are posting or finding here. Make friends in the B&B community and share their reviews too.

Newest Beer Reviews

I got a really good burst of the lemon grass on the first couple sips then it settled down.Good but not great.

Nice little amber ale. Threat value for the price.

Easy drinking, light ale with a mild flavour.

Newest Burrito Reviews

Taco Del Mar

Pretty tasty burrito. Well put together. Huge!


This was a pretty disappointing burrito!

La Fiesta

Really tasty burrito. Mostly held together, a bit of drippage out the bottom towards the end. Very good portion size.

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