Pixel Pils

Pretty nice beer, like most from F&G. Pretty good, bubbly beer.

By Fuggles & Warlock in Victoria

From the brewer: A crisp Czech-style pilsner with a pleasant hop bite that is refreshing with every sip! I would say that is pretty accurate. It was refreshing, had a bit of hoppy taste and was definitely a pilsner. It wasnèt as good as some of their other beers, or at least it was not obviously a unique beer like some of theirs. Just a normal pilsner. Pretty good though, would drink again.

I was born in India but moved to Canada very young. My parents had a small restaurant next to a Mexican restaurant so I ate there a lot growing up. Tacos and burritos every day! haha I want to open a brewery one day when I have more money but for now I will review beers here.


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