Beef burrito

Pretty tasty burrito. Well put together. Huge! ... read more

From Taco Del Mar in Vancouver

Super Veg

This was a pretty disappointing burrito! ... read more

From Tacofino in Victoria

Beef Burrito

Really tasty burrito. Mostly held together, a bit of drippage out the bottom towards the end. Very good portion size. ... read more

From La Fiesta in Victoria

Black bean

Ali's black bean burrito is awesome! Stuffed with black beans, lettuce, cheese, salsa, guac and sour cream (and a little hot sauce!) you'll have a hard time finishing this masterpiece. Keep the napkin dispenser handy too ;) Other notes: lots of free parking; go at off-peak hours if possible ... read more

From 3 Gringos Cafe in Langford

Chicken Burrito

I really enjoyed this burrito, it had a very nice sauce in it that kept everything together and did not leak at all! ... read more

From Mama Oli in Victoria

Crispy Chicken

I didn't like the chicken, and the flavor of the breading was a bit weird with the other burrito fillings. ... read more

From Tacofino in Victoria


Pretty good burrito. Held together well. Got the medium salsa and it could have been hotter for my preference. ... read more

From Mucho Burrito in Victoria

Beef Burrito

Tasty burrito. Came with a nice pile of tortilla chips and salsa. Very messy though. ... read more

From La Fiesta in Victoria

Chicken Mole

The flavor was great but it wasn't wrapped very well. ... read more

From La Taquisa in Victoria

Vegetable Burrito

They make a good burrito here, which is good as they bill themselves as a 'burrito bar'. Would eat again for sure. ... read more

From Tacofino in Victoria

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