Crispy Chicken

I didn't like the chicken, and the flavor of the breading was a bit weird with the other burrito fillings.

From Tacofino in Victoria

I really like Tacofino but this burrito was a miss. It was well-made, held together and didn't leak. Unfortunately I had some gristly pieces of chicken which didn't make me enjoy eating the burrito. The breading was soggy by the time I ate it (only 10 minutes after getting my order) so 'crispy' isn't the word I would use. Also, the Japanese-flavor of the chicken breading was a strange combination with the beans, cabbage and hot sauce. I don't mind fusion but this didn't work for me.

I've been eating burritos for as long as I can remember. There is no better way to get a well rounded and tasty diet than by wrapping everything up in a soft flour tortilla. While i can remember a time before I started drinking beer it is getting tougher in my old age. A true fan of craft beers, there is an unlimited selection of flavors out there to try.


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