Super Veg

This was a pretty disappointing burrito!

From Tacofino in Victoria

This started off promising but ended up being pretty bad. The Super Veg burrito has beans and cheese and cabbage with tempura breaded yams. My burrito had all the yams (two pieces I think) in the bottom half, so the top half was all beans and the bottom half was all yams. I loved the top half but when I got to the yams it wasn't good. First of all, the yam itself is very thinly sliced with about 6x more batter than yam. It was basically a chunk of fried tempura battered shoved into the burrito. And since all my 'yam' was in the bottom half it was basically just a tortilla wrapped around the tempura around a thin slice of yam. I would rate the top half (no yam) a 4 and the bottom half a 1. I am being generous with a 2 star review, considering how poorly the burrito was constructed.

I was born in India but moved to Canada very young. My parents had a small restaurant next to a Mexican restaurant so I ate there a lot growing up. Tacos and burritos every day! haha I want to open a brewery one day when I have more money but for now I will review beers here.


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