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BeerBucks and BurritoBucks are our way of thanking you for using this website!

We give you 'Bucks for using the different features of the site, which you can use to win great prizes. The more you review and post here, the better your chances.

You earn 'Bucks just by using the site!

  • Register: 3 BeerBucks / 3 BurritoBucks
  • Add Pictures: 1 BeerBuck / 1 BurritoBuck
  • Short Beer Review: 2 BeerBucks
  • Long Beer Review: 3 BeerBucks
  • Short Burrito Review: 2 BurritoBucks
  • Long Burrito Review: 3 BurritoBucks
  • Add a Recipe: 3 BurritoBucks

We've got a selection of Great Prizes you can win. Users can start Contests by spendign their 'Bucks, and select the Prize they want to be up for grabs. You can enter your own Contest or any other Contest. You can choose to save up your 'Bucks and enter multiple times, or enter many different Contests - it's all up to you! (But remember, if no one creates Contests, no one can win!)

Some of the Prizes are:

  • Cookbooks
  • Beer making kits
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Hot Sauces
  • Kitchen gadgets
  • And much more!
Absolutely! A Review isn't a review if no one sees it. Make sure to share every review you post to Twitter and Facebook, and invite your friends to join as well. The more users we have contributing, the more Contests will be running, and the more you can win!

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