• By BeerMan
  • Posted November 09, 2016

Refried Beans

This was my favorite neighbor's refried bean recipe. I absolutely love these! They are slightly smoky (from the bacon and cumin) and you can decide how creamy you want them. I like to leave some whole beans in with the mash. I promise your whole house will smell great when you make this recipe. Remember that you have to soak the beans overnight so plan ahead. Makes a huge bowl of beans :) ... read more

Leftover Fajita Breakfast Burrito

This recipe uses leftovers from Fajita night to create a tasty and quick breakfast burrito. By chopping the leftovers the chicken chunks (assuming you had chicken in your fajitas) give a nice texture to the wrap without being too chewy or tough. The fluffy eggs provide a lot of protein and overall this meal provides a on of energy for the day. If you're lucky you'll already have some shredded cheese left over as well! ... read more

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