La Taquisa Colwood

Visited Last Taquisa in Colwood today.

I was searching for a delicious lunch place when I stumbled upon them  quite by accident. I knew about their other locations but was pleasantly surprised to hear they have a Colwood location as well. I must assume business is going well.

That’s not surprising either, this place makes very tasty food. To order you select whether you want burritos, tacos or quesadillas, then your protein and salsa, there’s no process of selecting ingredients. The meat selections are all quite tasty in my experience, today I selected a burrito (of course) Chicken Mole – shredded chicken covered in a chocolaty and complex sauce. This sauce is worth trying at a relatively authentic restaurant because it’s quite time consuming to make at home.

My burrito arrived after a few minutes, in a typical mission style tinfoil wrap. The portion is generous to say the least, which is actually my main complaint with the burrito here. But first the good stuff.

The tortilla is fresh and soft, easy to tear into. The chicken has a great complex flavour to it, with hints of the Mexican chocolate and chilis. The burrito is finished with refried beans, shredded lettuce, cheese, and sour cream.

Unfortunately the burrito is stuffed to bursting, and at the Galway mark starts to come apart. Several napkins were needed to soak up the drippings, and the bottom of the wrap was quite soggy (which is still tasty). I ended up cupping the bottom third of the wrap and eating around the edges, creating a bit of a makeshift burrito bowl. Like many restaurants this burrito was probably large enough for two – not that I was complaining at the time, but my waistline may be later.

I have to recommend the flavours at La Taquisa, but they would be well served to reduce their portion size to better fit the wrap. There’s a trend in the restaurant to go woth quantity over quality to appeal to consumers, but I think we need to resist that a bit. ‘Super sizing’ isn’t helping anyone stay full or be healthy.

This meal might also be a good option to have burrito bowl style, maybe with some chips and salsa in the side.

What do you think about portion sizes? Is more always better or should we all try to cut back? Let us know in the comments!