Light Side of the Moon

The Labour Day weekend means three things:

The end of summer

A long weekend

A chance to get in a few rounds of golf before we hit rainy season

Living on the west coast of course means there will be a few more sunny weekends ahead, but once September rolls around you never know what the weather will do from one day to the next. So the long weekend is a great time to go and hit a few balls around.

I was lucky enough to get two rounds in this weekend. And I took with me my favourite golfing beer: Light Side of the Moon from the Moon brewpub in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia.

Light Side is a Session Ale, meaning its a lower alcohol than most beers (4.2% in this case). There’s no official history of the idea behind session beers, but most trace it back to WW2 England. Pubs at that time were restricted in their hours, and a lack of ingredients (due to wartime rationing) made it more challenging to produce alcohol-rich beers. Or the name could just from the idea of having a long ‘session’ at the pub without needing to be carried home 🙂

Wherever the name came from, it’s a popular concept. And while a session beer does need to be light in alcohol, it doesn’t necessarily need to be light in flavor, although this beer is and that is one of the reasons I enjoy it.

Light Side has a crisp and citrusy flavor to it, and is quite an easy drinking beer. Perfect for walking along the golf course, or for sipping on the beach. It’s not going to hit you with a mouthful of hops either, in fact it has almost no hoppiness to it. The main notes are orange and lemon, with just a bit of the malt flavor, maybe a bit of spice. If you were to pour it into a glass the head would be small and beer slightly hazy and straw colored.

Sometimes you may want a beer with big, bold flavors, and other times you may want something that goes down easy – this beer is definitely the latter. It’s one of the lighter beers you can have, however it does have a very solid flavor profile.

If you’re in the mood for a few social beers picking up a 4-pack of these tall cans would be highly recommended.