Flour Tortillas

Homemade tortillas, fresh off the oven, are absolutely delicious! They are also incredibly versatile, able to form the base of a tasty burrito, or be fried up into chips, used as a snack wrap (pinwheels or roll-ups), made into bowls, used for mini pizzas… the possibilities are limited only by your imagine.

They are a bit intimidating for many people however. The good news is that flour tortillas are actually amazingly simple to make and I’m going to show you how to do it. There are only four ingredients needed (although some recipes may add a fat, I don’t think it’s at all necessary).

There is only one ‘secret’ to making these, which I’ll share after we talk about making the dough.

First, get yourself a nice big bowl. You can mix these by hand easily or use a stand mixer.

Add two and a half cups of flour. If you want to switch it up a bit, substitute one cup of masa flour (corn flour).

Flour, baking powder, salt…

Add one tablespoon of salt, and one tablespoon of baking powder. Mix well.

Add one cup of warm water. Not hot water, just warm. Start mixing!

The dough will come together quickly, and it will be sticky. That’s ok, don’t try to adjust your flour / water ratio.

Since this dough doesn’t contain any yeast, like pizza dough or bread dough, it doesn’t need to rise.Just set it aside on the counter for a few minutes while you prepare your assembly area. Using a cast iron grill pan or non-stick pan, turn the heat up to medium high (about a 7 out of 10 on most stove tops). You want the pan fairly hot, as these will only be on the heat for two minutes.

While the pan is heating up, we can start making our dough balls. Here’s the secret:

Use way more flour than you think you need! Cover your counter in flour, your rolling pin in flour, and the dough balls themselves in flour. The dough is sticky and will give you major headaches without the flour.

This recipe yields 16 medium sized tortillas (you could also make 12 large tortillas if you wish). Divide your dough into 4 even sections, and roll each into a flour-covered ball. Put two back into the bowl, we’ll start by making 8 tortillas for now.

Divide each of your dough balls into four, and roll the 8 small balls in flour. Make sure your counter is still well floured because it’s time to make tortillas!

Select your first dough ball, and roll it flat. Start by rolling away from yourself, then flip the dough over and give it a quarter-turn, this will ensure the final shape is round and not oblong. Keep flipping and quarter-turning, you want it to be quite thin… it should be around 8 inches across by the time you are done (which should take no more than a minute).

Your tortilla is ready to cook, and should be covered in flour. Again, that is OK, the dough is sticky so allowing it to pull in some extra flour helps it cook easily. Place the tortilla on your pan.

The tortilla needs one minute per side. I like it put a 20 minute timer on the oven, and just use it as a reference as I go along, instead of resetting the timer to one minute after every flip.

While this tortilla cooks, you can start rolling out your second ball. The first tortilla should be bubbling up and getting brown in spots – that’s great! After one minute on each side, remove the tortilla and add your next one. While it cooks, work on rolling out the third, and so on until all eight are done.

At this point you’ll probably have some burnt flour in your pan, so take a break, clean your pan out (with a dry cloth), and start working on the second batch whenever you are ready.

If everything went according to plan, you should have yourself 16 beautiful, crispy-on-the-outside and chewy-on-the-inside flour tortillas after just 40 minutes of work in the kitchen.

For a quick reward snack, add a bit of refried beans, cheese and salsa to one of your new tortillas and give it a quick roll – a simple burrito will let you appreciate your efforts. And you deserve it! Not many people take the time to make their own tortilla these days (and given how busy most people are, buying a bag of tortillas from the store is totally understandable! I do it myself most times).

Store your tortillas in a big resealable bag, they will keep for about a week. They will be crispy, so steam or microwave them a bit before rolling to prevent breakage.

That’s all from Mr. Burrito for now, be sure to share this page and subscribe to our newsletter for future updates!


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