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    Today we sample the Helios Dortmunder Lager from Hoyne Brewing. Founded by brewmaster Sean Hoyne, this brewery is always reliable for a tasty beverage. You may be wondering what a ‘Dortmunder’ lager is, and that’s a fair question. Dortmunder is a type of brewing named after it’s city of origin – Dortmund, Germany. In the [ more … ]

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    Wow, this one was definitely fruity! I’m a big fan of lighter, flavorful beers, so when I saw this one from Axe & Barrel I had to give it a try. Generally a ‘fruit’ beer still tastes like beer, with the notes of hops and such, but this one was very much fruit forward. It [ more … ]

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    Today being the US Election day, and having a Vancouver Canucks vs Detroit Red Wings hockey game on, I thought it would be appropriate to indulge in a mid-week beer after work. I was very impressed by the beer selection at the small Thrifty Foods Liquor Store I stopped at on the way home – [ more … ]

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    Before heading out to a fundraiser tonight at The Moon Under Water brewpub (or as my mother calls it The Moon Down Under), I decided to try a bomber bottle I had been looking at for a while now. The art on this bottle is quite striking, and a different style than I’m used to [ more … ]

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    Light Side has a crisp and citrusy flavor to it, and is quite an easy drinking beer. Perfect for walking along the golf course, or for sipping on the beach. It’s not going to hit you with a mouthful of hops either, in fact it has almost no hoppiness to it. The main notes are [ more … ]